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Mar 2010

So what is The City?

The City is web based social network that helps us lead people into deeper local community with online tools that build connection and encourage growth.

This is how the developers describe it and it’s true!  We believe that fundamental to the gospel taking root and transforming us for God’s glory and our joy is our deepening connections with each other. And The City has helped us make new connections (almost 200 and counting…) and deepen existing ones.

Here’s a very short list of what we do through The City:

  • Contact anyone by name or face
  • Find out who lives near us
  • Start serving in local or international missions
  • Stay connected with your Community
  • Get up-to-date info on any Community or event
  • Share prayer requests with your Community
  • Buy and sell stuff and find a job in the Marketplace
  • Find everyone at RH that likes what you like (food, sports, music, etc)
  • And tons more awesomeness…

So.  If you have not logged onto The City recently, click here.

Not on The City yet?  Click here to get started. (It’s secure, free, and painless.)

You can learn even more at


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