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Jan 2009

Summertime Missional Playdates

This summer we had five different playdates with CHAT (Church Hill Activities and
Tutoring) and YLFR (Youth Life Foundation of Richmond.)

The activities ranged between cooking, crafts, dancing, competitive activities, and outdoor sports.  When we learned to be “Like a Tree” in Psalm 1, we did some perspective sketching.  To reinforce our “Taste and See” theme, we tasted the food we cooked and looked through craft sunglasses.  “Go to the Ant” was a lesson in reading the Proverbs properly.  The candy ant we ate was the kids’ favorite part.  “Manners around the World” was an interesting geography lesson.

The summer culminated in a field day with the kids from both CHAT and YLFR.  Competition, laughter, and sharing snacks together were a reminder that at the end of our time together, the children had all made new friends.



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November 19 2010 Reply

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