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Feb 2010

Sunday, February 7th

Well, we’re snowed out of Holton tomorrow, but we will be gathering as Redemption Hill to listen to God, pray and celebrate together in homes around Greater Richmond instead of Holton Elementary.  As part of the gathering,  we’ll be watching the next sermon in the Lord’s Prayer Series: “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

If you are not yet connected to a community, this is a great opportunity to meet people in the community closest to you.  You can see when and where they will all be meeting tomorrow at this link: There you can get directions and let folks know your plans.

If you already part of a community or on The City, you can also check out The City for details as well.

We know that everyone will not be able to travel tomorrow and will need to watch the sermon online and worship together as a family at home.  We would love to have as many people to gather as the church tomorrow, but please do what’s best for you.

As it is, we hope that the life of our community can continue this week and we hope to all be able to gather next Sunday at Holton.



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