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Apr 2011

Sunday Rhythm | April 17, 2011

Plan on joining us this sixth, and final Sunday of Lent as we continue our journey towards Easter, and our voyage through The Book of Acts: Enjoying God and Engaging His Mission. We would encourage you to take some time before Sunday to pray for our gathering, and come prepared to expressively worship God together through the songs we sing, the prayers we pray, the scriptures we read, and the communion we partake in. Using the 2011 Redemption Hill Lent Guide as a reference, pray that God would be glorified in Richmond, as many are made alive in Christ through His triumph on the cross.

God Calls His People to Worship

Our Continuation of Worship will be Psalm 51:1-13. This well known personal prayer of David is intended to lead us in petition and worship as we confess our sins, appealing to God’s own gracious and merciful character as the grounds for our forgiveness.

God Speaks to His People Through His Word

The Bible is the means by which God graciously reveals Himself to His people. Pastor Robert will continue with our journey through The Book of Acts: Enjoying God and Engaging His Mission. Sunday’s text will be Acts 16:11-40. We would encourage you to read the text in advance of Sunday, and prepare your hearts to be open to the truth God wants to reveal to you about himself.

God Strengthens His People At His Table

We take communion, or the Lord’s Supper, every week at Redemption Hill. The Lord’s Supper is a time in the service where we are tangibly reminded of the broken body of Christ and the sacrifice of sin he became for us on the cross.

God’s People Respond in Grateful Praise

Scripture teaches us that our lives and hearts continually give response to the Word of God (Nehemiah 8:6). We respond with either hardened hearts or with praise and brokenness. Here we have a chance to stand and respond to the Living God with songs of praise.


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