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Aug 2017

Sunday Rhythm | August 20, 2017

Shout for joy in the Lord, O you righteous! Praise befits the upright. Give thanks to the Lord with the lyre; make melody to him with the harp of ten strings! Sing to him a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts. For the word of the Lord is upright, and all his work is done in faithfulness. He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord. – Psalm 33:1-5
Psummer Psalms

This Sunday, at all three services (9:00 at Holton Elementary, 10:00 at The Fourhundred, 11:00 at Holton Elementary), Chris DeRoco will be continuing in our mini Psummer Psalms Pseries. His text will be Psalm 33. If you missed Psalm 32 last Sunday, you can listen to the message here.

Here are the songs that we’ll sing together this week:

9:00 and 11:00 Holton Elementary

  • Praise to the Lord, the Almighty by Joachim Neander and Catherine Winkworth.
  • My Maker and My King by Mike Cosper and Anne Steele.
  • Break Us by Isaac Wardell.
  • No Other Work by Laura Agaba, Michael Baur, and Shelby T. Murphy.
  • Come As You Are by Ben Glover, David Crowder, and Matt Maher. You can read more about this song here.
  • Take Us, O Lord by Isaac Wardell.
    10:00 The Fourhundred

  • Crown Him With Many Crowns by Matthew Bridges, George Job Elvey, and Godfrey Thring.
  • Ascribe by Cory Asbury. You can read more about this song and why we sing it by clicking here.
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness by Thomas Chiholm and William Runyan.
  • O Great God by Bob Kauflin.
  • O Come to the Altar by Christopher Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joye.
  • Bless the Lord (Son of Man) by Jon and Kelley Owens.
    See you Sunday!


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