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Mar 2020

Sunday Rhythm for Kids | March 29, 2020

Below is a guide for parents to help create a worshipful experience for preschool and early elementary-age kids. If you haven’t already, please review our parent guide here.

Call to Worship

Gather your kids around and let them know that since we can’t go to our Redemption Hill Kids classes today, we’re going to have a special at-home time so that, together, we can learn more about the good news of Jesus.


Take a moment and pray, asking God to speak to you and your child as you gather together to learn from his word.

Watch the Online Lesson Videos. 

Watch today’s Lesson Video, Mission Video, and Gospel Presentation video on

(Details on how to access these videos and prepare can be found here.)

Activity Page

Use the activity page that you printed in advance. This is a fun way for you to work with your child and is a great time to incorporate the discussion questions below.


During your activity page time, or at any time following the video lessons, use some or all of the questions below to engage with your children.

1. What did you like in the video or was there something that stood out to you?

2. Were there any words you didn’t understand?

3. Jesus had the unique opportunity to look at the hearts of the people giving as only he can. We can only see what’s on the outside and how someone looks when they give. Can you think of a time you shared something or gave something away and you didn’t want to? When was a time you shared something or gave something away and you were excited about it?

4. What is the greatest present Jesus has given you?

5. What do you think Jesus wants in return?

6. Jesus taught us that when we give we worship and honor God. Take a moment to pray together about a way you can show generosity in the next few weeks.


End your time together with prayer. Ask your child if he or she would like to pray and then you can conclude your time praying for God to apply His word and the gospel to your hearts.


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