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Dec 2013

Sunday Service Update

UPDATE: 9:45 AM – We will have a service at The 400 this morning at 11am. We invite you all to join us, but ask that you use caution and your best discretion as not all parts of greater Richmond are experiencing the same weather. There will be no childcare provided this morning.

No service at Hotlon

Due to the potential for inclement weather, the City of Richmond has decided to close all its schools on December 8th. We will not be gathering at Holton Elementary tomorrow morning.

The 400 @ 11am

Since there is a chance that the weather might just turn out to be cold rain, we are planning to have a gathering at The 400 tomorrow morning at 11am. We will gather for an informal time of fellowship, prayer, singing, and a message from Pastor Chris out of Isaiah 9 on our “Mighty God.”

No childcare will be provided.




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