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Mar 2014

Text-to-Donate FAQs

We mentioned earlier that we were going to begin offering a Text-to-Donate option at Redemption Hill. We wanted to take a moment to answer some questions you may have.

How does it work?

Text the amount you’d like to donate to (804) 681-3700. Really, it is that simple.

Do I have to fill out the form each time I text a donation?

No. The first time you Text-to-Donate you will be promoted to fill out an online form that will link the debit or credit care number you provide to your giving account. After that, just text your donation and you’re done.

Will I get a year-end receipt for my text donations?

Yes. All text donations will be included on your annual giving statement and tax deductible.

Why are we doing this?

We are increasingly a society that doesn’t carry paper money (cash or checks). Yet, as followers of Christ we want you to be stewards of the financial resources God has given you. Offering a Text-to-Donate option gives you the chance to be responsive to God’s leading in giving, even if you don’t have paper money in your pocket. This is the same reason we offer postage-paid giving envelopes and online giving.

Is it secure?

The company we are using to process these transactions employs stringent security measures, including PCI compliance, to ensure the security of your transaction.

What if I accidentally text $2500 instead of $25.00?

Wow. Thank you for your generous contribution 🙂 Just kidding. If you ever hit a wrong key and click “send” on the text you can simply reply to the text with “refund” and the transaction will be reversed. Simple as that.

Will the donations show up on my phone bill?

No. Unlike other Text-to-Donate solutions, this service does not apply the amount to your phone bill. During your first donation you will be promoted to enter a debit or credit card to associate with your giving account. Your donations will appear in the account you use during setup.

What about ____?

Got more questions. Just email ryan at redemptionhill dot com and he can help you out.


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