Jan 2010

THE DISCIPLE’S PRAYER: Your Kingdom, Your Will

The Lord’s Prayer:
Losing Your Religion

Sermon Audio:

Sermon Text:
Matthew 6:5-15

“When you pray this way it is two things: that you might do diligently all He commands and submit patiently to all He inflicts.”

– Thomas Watson

Reflection Points

  • What did you find especially helpful / important? What raised questions for you?
  • Whose kingdom do you go after? Where have you been seeking your kingdom and not God’s?
  • Are you ready for Him to dismantle and rebuild you by grace?
  • How would it look different to see your prayer life as a time of sanctification?
NOTE: The power went out this week at Holton for about 7-10 minutes.  We were able to get the recording working again once we got the power turned back on.  However, the sermon will skip forward at around the 20 minute mark.  Sorry.