Mar 2011

There’s Grace in the Mess

Enjoying God & Engaging His Mission
The Book of Acts

Sermon Audio:

Sermon Text:
Acts 11:19-30


  • Do you see barriers (geographical, ethnic, economic, etc.) as opportunities for God to use you as an ambassador for the Gospel? Are you more aware of the barriers of God’s plan and power? What opportunities has God given you to “gossip” the gospel, but you’ve seen the barriers as too great?Are you characterized as a person who focuses God’s grace at work in people and places?
  • Are you characterized as person who focuses God’s grace at work in people or places? Or, are you a person who focuses the mess? Ask your spouse, your kids, roommate, or co-worker how they would characterize you. Keep a journal this week of all the places where you see God’s race at work in people.
  • Pray that God would change your perspective to see barriers as opportunities for the Gospel and the mess in people and places as opportunity for mission where God’s grace is already at work.

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