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Oct 2014

Third Service @ The Fourhundred

Over the last month we have had the exciting privilege of hosting two informational meetings regarding our new service plans at The Fourhundred. In case you were not able to make one of them, here are the audio recordings from those nights:

Sunday, October 5th, Interest Meeting Audio, Part 1

Tuesday, October 21st, Interest Meeting Audio, Part 2

A couple of the Big Takeaways from those meetings were:

1. Our aim is the glory of God, not the glory of Redemption Hill or the comfort of a building

  • The reason why we are engaging in the work and sacrifice required to see a new service started at The Fourhundred is because we believe that God has many people in this part of the city that He is calling to Himself, and He has ordained that the preaching of the Gospel, and the living witness of the church, to be the means by which they will come to know Him.
  • We are not moving forward because some of us are tired of gathering in an elementary school gym, or tired of setting up chairs, we are moving forward in this because we are trusting that God will use us to proclaim His name and His glory to this part of our city.

2. This is a Church-wide adventure.

  • It will require sacrifice from everyone who calls Redemption Hill Church home regardless of whether you gather on Sunday at Holton Elementary or The Fourhundred.
  • If either location is not in a healthy position as we get closer to our first service on December 28th, we will put the new service at The Fourhundred on hold

You can help us in our planning by going to this quick 1 question survey and letting us know where you are leaning towards worshipping and serving on Sunday when this new service starts.

This is not a formal commitment, but it will help us in our efforts to plan and prepare well.

Enjoy Grace.


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