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Mar 2010

Traveling to Burkina Faso

After taking a month off of our voyages, the Little Globetrotters traveled to Burkina Faso in western Africa to learn about the traditional people who live there.  Miss Julie brought in a giant photo album from her time living there and showed the children the types of houses that are typical.  A native snack that comes from western Africa was fresh bananas, and the children made a monkey mask in their craft.    We hope the children will use their prayer calendars to remind them to pray every day for Burkina Faso- for fresh water, enough mud bricks for their houses, and- most importantly- that the children of Burkina Faso will know and love Jesus.

Miss Julie shows traditional woven baskets.

Can Kate find Burkina Faso in Africa?

Rapt attention

Hiding behind the monkey mask.

Hiding behind a monkey mask.


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