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May 2010

True Humility Grows in the Shade.

The cross of Christ produces true humility.

There’s an old country song with a chorus that begins like this:  

O Lord, it’s hard to be humble…When you’re perfect in every way…

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered that our sin makes it hard for us to be humble even when we aren’t perfect in any way.  This is why it’s so important for us to begin each day in the shadow of the cross. True humility grows in its shade.

When we come to the cross, we no longer have to try to be humble.  There we are truly humbled. In his book The Message of Galatians, John Stott puts it this way:

Every time we look at the cross, Christ seems to be saying to us, “I am here because of you.  It is your sin I am bearing, your curse I am suffering, your debt I am paying, your death I am dying.”

Nothing in history or in the universe cuts us down to size like the cross.  All of us have inflated views of ourselves…until we have visited a place called Calvary.  It is there, at the foot of the cross, that we shrink to our true size.

May the Lord bless each one of us today with the kind of humility that can only grow in the shade, as he brings us to the cross and shrinks us to our true size.


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