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Apr 2009

Upcoming Series: Cultivate

I love gardens, I love growing things. Maybe it has to do with a connection to the original mandate on Adam to cultivate the garden, or maybe b/c it’s the only real artistic outlet in my life. Whatever it is, I like gardens.

But you don’t just plan a garden one day and wake up the next day to a harvest. To get from the idea in your head to the food on your plate takes intention…it takes work. The process is called cultivation.

Any good gardener or backyard hack like myself can tell you that growing a garden takes work. You have to choose what you will plant, prepare the ground by rooting out weeds and rocks, tilling the soil, and making sure that the right nutrients are in the soil. Then, once you actually plant the seeds, the work isn’t over…you have to continue to cultivate. Pull weeds, kill pests, and feed the growing plants with a recognition that no matter how well you do these things, you still need God to make them grow.
But when the harvest comes…what a reward!

At Redemption Hill we talk a lot about “cultivating the soul“.

In a lot of ways, the cultivation of the soul is not much different from the cultivation of a garden. But what is it that we want to see cultivated? What is the end that we have in mind? We are convicted that as a church we are to be passionate about cultivating the character of our souls to reflect the character of Christ.

That’s what this series is all about.

There are certain values that are intrinsic to us that we believe we must be intentional about cultivating in our souls, that we may bring God glory through the lives that we live. So, when we talk about our values as a people, we don’t talk about concepts like truth or community…true to the spirit of “cultivation”, we believe that if you truly value something it demands a response in the way that you live. So, for us, we want to cultivate our soul to increasingly:

  • Trust in Jesus above everything else
  • Treasure the Riches of the Gospel
  • Surrender to the Word of God
  • Pursue the depth of Community
  • Live with the urgency of eternity
  • Delight in the wisdom of God’s process and…
  • Display God’s strength in our weakness

These values must be cultivated in our souls b/c like the soil in my backyard, our hearts are not naturally primed for growth. There are weeds in our hearts that must be rooted out, there are actions that we must take to see these values grow and we must remain dependent upon God in it all to bring the growth that we desire.



Jerry Daniel

April 2 2009 Reply


New site looks great. Thanks for your involvement in our staff retreat on Tuesday. Your heart, passion, knowledge and insights for and about Richmond made a great impact on our team. Can’t wait to see how God allows us to partner in cultivating the soul of the city.


Joshua Sot

April 7 2009 Reply

Fellas’…lovin the site! Love you guys. Look forward to servin Richmond with you.


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