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Nov 2010

Update from Robert

Church Family –

Thank you for your prayers for me and my family. It was a strange week for sure last week. Erin, Jude, and Lois all passed a nasty bug to each other and swapped nights staying up to throw up. They are all doing great now.

I on the other hand, have encountered something different. Monday night I began to feel like something was coming on and I went to bed with a small fever. Tuesday I woke up with a full blown virus…migraine, chills, fever, etc. Wednesday I woke up with the same stuff as well as a mouth and throat full of ulcers…some 50+. On Thursday and Friday, nothing had improved and my mouth and throat were getting worse as well as my fever. I went to my doctor and he gave me some pain meds to help keep me comfortable, but he said there was nothing they could do. Friday night, I ended up throwing up some blood…so Saturday morning we were in the hospital.

God’s grace was there before us, when we got to the ER the young man running the triage station recognized me from a wedding I had performed. He graciously thanked me for the message and the proceeded to get me back to a room ASAP. He would spend the mid-morning checking on me in the room and encouraging us with the Gospel and compliments about RH.

In the ER, I was able to get much needed fluids b/c I have not been able to eat since Tuesday and getting fluids in had become very hard, even with the pain meds. The ER docs gave me stronger pain meds and a steroid for the swelling of the ulcers and sent me along to continue to gut it out.

So, that’s where it stands. They do not believe there is anything deeper in this, just a really nasty virus that has to take it’s course. Currently I can’t talk or eat…when the pain meds are rollin’ I can get fluids down.

As for Japan, like Paul in Acts 16, the Holy Spirit seems to have prevented me from preaching the Gospel in Asia. He has His times and His purposes…there will be another opportunity for sure. For whatever reason, He wanted me here and not there, I’m not sure I would have listened if he had told me any other way. But, I was able to get a full credit for a later trip from the travel agency…so look out Tokyo.

Thanks again for your prayers. Please continue to pray that this virus runs it’s course quickly and that my mouth and throat heal rapidly. It is extremely painful and frustrating…I bounce back and forth from hopefulness and despair…but God is going to work His patience in me one way or another.

Fighting to Enjoy Grace with you…




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