Embodied Values

embodiedWhat convictions make Redemption Hill distinctly what it is? The most obvious way to answer that question is to look at our doctrinal commitments. These commitments are summaries of what we believe the Bible teaches about God, humanity, salvation, the Bible, the world, and so on. In every time and place, a church must determine how the doctrinal commitments are to be embodied and applied to real people living in the real world where the church exists.

These embodied beliefs are often called core values. We have chosen to frame our core values as action statements. These are the things that go with us wherever we go because they are woven into the fabric of our being. If we are not careful, values can become theoretical and not practical, disembodied and not embodied, evaluated and not applied.

To guard against this, we have framed our values as actions or distinctives.  We hope to be increasingly recognized as being a people who are:

  • Trusting in Jesus above all else
  • Treasuring the riches of the Gospel
  • Surrendering to the Word of God
  • Delighting in the wisdom of God’s process

  • Living with the urgency of eternity
  • Pursuing the depths of community
  • Displaying God’s strength in our weakness