RH Kids


Welcome to RH Kids!

RH Kids is our Sunday morning gathering for children aged 4 months–4th grade. In RH Kids, our goal is to help cultivate the soul of each child to become followers of Jesus Christ by being:

  • Gospel-Centered: Teaching children the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not just Bible stories or moral lessons.
  • Grace-Driven: Using methods of instruction and interaction that are both excellent and age-appropriate.
  • Mission-Minded: We believe that only the Gospel can change children, families, neighborhoods, and schools. As we minister the Gospel to children, we are participating in Redemption Hill’s larger vision of city transformation … cultivating the soul of the city.

Your First Visit

We are excited to welcome your children this Sunday! Begin your visit at the RH Kids check-in table. If entering from the front of the school, the check-in table is located down the left-hand hallway. If you are entering from the back door, the table is located straight down the entry hall.

At the check-in table, a volunteer will give your family a security badge, explain all procedures, and lead you to the correct classroom.


At Redemption Hill, we desire to provide a safe and fun teaching environment for your child at each developmental stage. Our classes are broken down into 4 groups. Depending on the need, these classes are broken down even further at some services:

  • Nursery Babies: 4–17 months old
  • Toddlers:  18 months–3 years
  • Preschool: 3-5 years old
  • Elementary: At least 5 years old and in kindergarten through the 4th grade.