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Mar 2010

Working it out

James, Jesus’ half brother, exhorts, “Be doers of the word, not just hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”  Hearing, believing, and loving the good news of redemption is only the beginning of God’s grace in our lives.  The gospel changes our desires on such a deep level that believing God’s grace actually changes the way we live.

One of the ways Redemption Hill pursues this transformation, this “doing of the word”, is to share our reflections on the Sunday sermons with the folks in our Communities each week.   It is often in these conversations that our sin and weakness is exposed and Christ and his sufficiency for us is made very very real.  It’s through this discovery that we point each other to Christ and sort out the practical application for each of us.  For many of us, including myself, this interactive process with others is to key the gospel taking root and being worked out in real time.

So.  To help more and more folks do this, we will be posting the sermon discussion guide at each week. It will include a summary of the sermon and additional questions to be used for personal or interactive reflection with others.

Download the guide for this past Sunday (3.14.10) below and look for future ones every Monday.  Let us know how it goes!

Discussion Guide 3.14.10


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