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Sep 2015

Writers’ Roundtable with Marly Youmans

Join author Marly Youmans and other writers from RVA this Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. at The Fourhundred, for a round-table and workshop on finding inspiration and honing craft across her multiple fields of excellence: poetry (lyric and epic), short story, young adult fiction, novels.

With 13 books of poetry and prose to her credit (including the just-released “Maze of Blood,” inspired by the life of the author who gave us Conan the Barbarian) Marly will be one of our featured artists at the Makers Series on Friday night. Our Saturday morning session will be a chance to get to know her better and find out why she likes to quote C.S. Lewis’ dictum that “a Christian writer can write about *anything*”.

The round-table will also be a great opportunity to spend a couple of hours connecting with writers of all stripes from around Richmond: poets, bloggers, screen-writers, journalists, editors, humorists, novelists, and even instructional video script-writers.

You can RSVP at the Facebook event here.

Marly Youmans


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